Monks imprisoned

for flying Tibetan flag


Earlier this week we learned of a case in Tibet which is symptomatic of how the Chinese government treats the people of Tibet. Three Tibetan monks were imprisoned for taking part in a peaceful protest which included the raising of a Tibetan flag. Two were sentenced to four years' imprisonment and one for one year.

The monks were arrested in October 2012, a month after the protest took place, and were held incommunicado until their trial earlier this month. Please take the action below, calling on the Chinese government to release them immediately. (Read more at

Earlier this month a BBC correspondent managed to visit Tibet, despite the continued restrictions on foreign journalists. Broadcast on BBC World Service on 5 September, the correspondent said, "There is no doubting that Tibet is under Chinese control. Arriving in Lhasa you are greeted by armed Chinese guards... the streets are lined with Chinese flags." She added that, "In Lhasa, there are now eight Chinese citizens for every one local." (Read report: Listen to broadcast (4 mins): starts at 5:10)

Update to Tibetan death sentence:

There has been no further news on the fate of Dolma Gyab who was sentenced to death on 15 August 2013. However, thanks to a parliamentary question asked by Nic Dakin MP at the suggestion of Tibet Society, Foreign Secretary William Hague called upon the Chinese government to commute the death sentence. Mr Hague also called for "free and fair" trials in China that are "in line with international standards". (