Bike for Tibet!

June 2004: 1000-mile sponsored cycle-ride completed.

The annual hill-walk has become something of an institution with us, having been at the core of our activities right from the founding of the society, and forming an annual get-together for the whole group.

Recently it was realised that there are also a fair complement of keen pushbikers amongst our number, so we felt that a similar wheeled-event might be a good idea. The event ran for two years,  and attracted considerable interest. Bike For Tibet took place later in the year than the Walk, and followed a planned, safe offroad cycle-route in the vicinity of Aberdeen.

Note: For organisational reasons we regret that there have been no Bike for Tibet events since. 2004. If anyone wishes to revive the event, we'd be only too pleased to help. 

Here are some images of the 2003 event:

1004_003.jpg 1004_008.jpg 1004_009.jpg 1004_011.jpg 1004_013.jpg
1004_017.jpg 1004_020.jpg 1004_023.jpg 1004_028.jpg 1004_029.jpg
1004_030.jpg 1004_031.jpg 1004_033.jpg 1004_035.jpg 1004_037.jpg

Excellent sunny weather and a fine turnout of 15 adults and children combined to make this a second successful 'Bike for Tibet' ride along the Old Deeside railway route from Duthie park in the centre of Aberdeen.

This time the ride went as far as Peterculter - a round trip of about 13 miles. Added to the distance to and from home for the 5 nine- to ten-year old children who participated, this represented a total ride of about 20 miles: a remarkable achievement for the plucky youngsters.

Tibet flags were very much to the fore with both helmet stickers and flags mounted on bicycles.

The amount raised was around £600 - a very healthy sum by any standard. For details of the Good Causes this money will go to, please see this page. Many thinks to all who helped organise the event, or contributed.

2002 Bike for Tibet