Here, we highlight a series of campaigns aimed at promoting the support of the British public for problems faced by Tibetans both in Tibet and exiled in other parts of the world. Many of these campaigns are national or international in scope, and can also be found on the Free Tibet UK or Tibet Society websites.



End Tashi Wangchuk's illegal detention

His crime? Publicly seeking his right to Tibetan language education.

When Tashi learned that his nieces couldn’t learn Tibetan language in school, he traveled from Kyikudo, Tibet to Beijing to legally appeal for the protection of Tibetan language rights. No lawyers would take his case, and just two months later, on January 27nd, 2016, he was arbitrarily detained.

For drawing attention to China's systematic attack on Tibetan culture, Tashi was sentenced to five years in prison on bogus charges of 'inciting separatism.'

On January 27, we're joining Tibet campaign groups around the world to mark three years of Tashi's unjust imprisonment and to call for his immediate release.

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Campaign News:

Liverpool Football Club change of sponsorship policy

Thanks to a well-supported public petition, Liverpool FC has agreed to refuse a sponsorship deal from a firm exploiting Tibet's water resources. More information here

Victory for Tibet at the United Nations

At China’s third Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations, 13 member states stood up for Tibet.

Including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland,the United Kingdom, and the United States. Nine of these states (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States) made recommendations on Tibet.

Tibetan former political prisoner Golog Jigme joined the Tibet Advocacy Coalition team on the ground saying, “Today, is a critical moment for Tibetans in Tibet who have lived under China’s occupation for nearly 70 years.China would like the world to continue to ignore its abuses in Tibet, but 13 countries have taken a stand for human rights in Tibet, and more will follow. Although Tibet is under lockdown, the Tibetan people’s concerns have been heard here today.

As part of the UN Tibet Advocacy Coalition, SFT has engaged in UN advocacy work for the past five years. With your support, we have urged diplomats from around the world to raise Tibet to build pressure on Beijing to address its failed policies and back down from its vicious campaign of violence against Tibetans. Today’s victory for Tibet reaffirms our belief that our presence at the UN is working in countering the Chinese government’s lies and in
holding them accountable. When we stand as a united front, there is no stopping us!

Together, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, and Chinese democracy activists are taking a strong stance against Xi Jinping’s dictatorship.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but through the combined efforts of the Coalition members and supporters, we know we can continue to secure strong action for Tibet.

Dorjee Tseten,
Executive Director, Students for a Free Tibet.

Posted 6 November 2018.


Currently Active:

Google Dragonfly

Google is developing a censored search engine for the Chinese market that has serious consequences for human rights.

The project, named Dragonfly, will filter and block ‘sensitive’ search terms – like Tibet, Tiananmen and the Dalai Lama – that are blacklisted by the Chinese government. It will also enable state surveillance by linking users’ search history with their telephone numbers.

"Should Google move ahead with this project, they will be complicit in the Chinese government’s repressive regime. Dragonfly could be launched in as little as 6 months, but with your help we can tell Google that it’s unacceptable to profit from the Chinese government’s brutal human right abuses. Add your name to our petition now and show Google where you stand."
-Dorjee Tseten, Students for a Free Tibet.

As a Web user, you can vote with your feet by setting your browser to use a different search engine. DuckDuckGo and Startpage are two very popular options.

As a webmaster, try to avoid using features that force visitors to accept being tracked and profiled by Google. The visual reCaptcha is one of the worst such devices, forcing site visitors to allow Google to store tracking cookies on their computer or else have to suffer a world of pain identifying ten or twenty pages of restaurants, buses or the like. There are other captchas. Use them instead.


More info:

Even Google employees are protesting about this.

Monks undergoing torture

Two young Tibetan monks have become the latest to feel the full force of the Chinese “justice” system.

One of the monks, Tenzin Thinley, 22, cannot speak or eat properly after being tortured because he failed to satisfactorily answer police questions.

He was the roommate of Lobsang Gendun, who was detained by Chinese security forces on July 1 this year after calling for Tibet’s freedom and the long life of the Dalai Lama during the Chinese Communist Party’s 92nd anniversary celebrations.

Please sign the Free Tibet Society petition

Allow the use of VPNs on the Chinese App Store

Students for a Free Tibet are petitioning Apple CEO Tim Cook to re-allow the use of VPNs in inside China, after a recent ban.

VPNs are critical tools that allow internet users to avert China's oppressive information control and censorship. To a certain degree, they allow internet users to remain anonymous. Now, with Tim Cook’s new directive, Apple has lifted that thin veil of protection from the vulnerable groups evading Chinese censorship - especially Tibetans.

Online censorship by China has gone from bad to worse. Just five months ago, Gedhun, a Tibetan youth who posted images of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan flag online, was beaten and left in critical condition by Chinese authorities. Apple CEO Tim Cook must take responsibility because his actions will determine the fate of millions of internet users.

If you with to support this appeal, please send a letter similar to this one, calling on Apple CEO Tim Cook to immediately re-allow VPNs on their App Store in China.

In the Dark

Finding Tibet's hidden political prisoners

An initiative to put  pressure on Chinese authorities to reveal the whereabouts of political prisoners who have been detained in secrecy and without due legal process or representation.

The campaign, run by Free Tibet UK, highlights the cases of six detained individuals whose whereabouts and state of well-being is currently unknown. Visit the site for more information. 

Save Larung Gar from demolition

Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institution in the world, is under threat.

Under plans issued by the local government, a series of forced removals and extensive demolition work will be carried out to cut the number of residents from more than 10,000 down to 5,000 by October 2017. The first round of demolitions and removals, carried out in July, reduced large areas of the site to rubble and caused widespread distress among Tibetans.

Campaign page

Ongoing Campaigns:

The Panchen Lama

- Arrested at a very young age- Where is he now?  Campaign Page

The Panchen Lama is the highest-ranking lama after the Dalai Lama, and traditionally has the role of managing secular affairs of government, whilst the Dalai Lama traditionally manages spiritual matters pertaining to the state. With the unavailability of the Panchen Lama, the Dalai Lama has had to take on both roles.

Tibet Relief Fund

An organisation whose work is devoted to improving living-conditions in underpriveleged areas of Tibet.

Projects centre around the provision of clean water and weatherproof housing, medical care and supplies, and the education to a professional level of the Tibetan youth. Website Link

Stop the Torture

An ongoing campaign by Free Tibet UK to end the practice of torturing Tibetan political prisoners.

FreeTibet campaign page


Whilst there are many Tibetan aid, relief and political campaigns in progress, we regard the selection above as being among the more urgent. We would greatly appreciate support for any of these causes. In some cases a small donation is asked-for, in others your contribution may be to send a letter, email or e-fax to those responsible for the situation, with a view to encouraging change.

" The more you are motivated by Love, the more Fearless & Free your action will be." H.H. The Dalai Lama