We run a series of campaigns aimed at promoting the support of the British public for problems faced by Tibetans both in Tibet and exiled in other parts of the world. Many of these campaigns are national or international in scope, and can also be found on the Free Tibet UK website.

Urgent Actions:

British government must stop pandering to China

Following the visit of the Chinese Vice-Premier to the UK (9-12 January), the signing of over £2.6 billion worth of trade deals between UK and China and the apparent neglect of raising human rights issues during the visit, Tibet Society is calling upon its members and supporters to write to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green and raise questions regarding the British government's policy when entering trade negotiations with China.
More info here (Offsite link, opens in new window or tab).

Tashi Dhondup & Dhondup Wangchen

Sign the petition on behalf of two Tibetan artists arrested for peacefully expressing their political opinions.

Tashi Dhondup is a popular singer. He was arrested following the 2009 release of a CD containing songs which included lyrics calling for the Dalai Lama's return to Tibet and lamenting that "There is no freedom in Tibet."

Plainspoken businessman Dhondup Wangchen bought a small camera and began interviewing Tibetan monks and yak herders for his documentary film Leaving Fear Behind. He bravely gave a voice to Tibetans living under China's rule. Sadly, after finishing the film, he was arrested and his own voice was silenced.

Both Wangchen and Dhondup are in Chinese prisons now, but we have an opportunity to help free them.

On Wednesday, January 19, Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit Washington D.C. Send a message to Secretary of State Clinton urging her to speak to President Hu on behalf of Wangchen and Dhondup.

Act now and be the voice for these two silenced men:

Free Tibetan Heroes

Last Human Rights Day, TSGG had a stall in the Trinity Centre for the public to sign greetings cards to Tibetan prisoners Dhondup Wangchen, Runggye Adak and Tenzin Delek Rinpoche. We got about 225 signatures on the cards, which was more than either of the last two years when we ran the same event.

If you weren't able to come to the stall and sign the cards, all is not lost - the attached urgent action enables you to send messages to these Tibetan prisoners in Tibetan script, with covering letters to the Chinese authorities in Chinese script. We were able to cut and paste these scripts onto our cards, so do hope you will now do the same on to either cards or letters to send to these prisoners.

More information here (PDF)

Ongoing Campaigns:

The Panchen Lama

- Arrested at a very young age- Where is he now?  Campaign Page
The Panchen Lama is the highest-ranking lama after the Dalai Lama, and traditionally has th erole of managing secular affairs of government, whilst the Dalai Lama traditionally manages spiritual matters pertaining to the state. With the unavailabilty of the Panchen Lama, the Dalai Lama has had to take-on both roles.

Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche

A popular and well-respected Tibetan who has been sentenced to life imprisonment in a Chinese prison camp. You can help by putting pressure on the Authorities to release him. The campaign to save Tenzin Deleg is one of our most high-profile, being a clear and documented example of politically-motivated corruption of justice by the CCP.  Campaign Page

Tibet Relief Fund

An organisation whose work is devoted to improving living-conditions in underpriveleged areas of Tibet. Projects centre around the provision of clean water and weatherproof housing, medical care and supplies, and the education to a professional level of the Tibetan youth. Website Link


Stop the Torture

An ongoing campaign  by Free Tibet UK to end the practice of torturing Tibetan political prisioners.  FreeTibet campaign page


Whilst there are many Tibetan aid, relief and political campaigns in progress, we regard the selection above as being among the more urgent. We would greatly appreciate support for any of these causes. In some cases a small donation is asked-for, in others your contribution may be to send a letter, email or e-fax to those resposible for the situation, with a view to encouraging change.

"If you think you are too small to make a difference,  try sleeping with a mosquito!"
 H.H. The Dalai Lama.
" With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." H.H. The Dalai Lama