Human Rights Day Vigil

10th of December is Human Rights Day, and each year we mount a publicity event in the town centre. This year, TSGG had a stall in St Nicholas Street.

Signing greetings cards in Aberdeen city centre for Tibetan political prisoners

At this time of year we send greetings cards to political prisoners. This is a great help to their morale, through letting them know that people here are aware of their situation and are campaigning for their release. 298 signatures from citizens of Aberdeen were put on the cards for Thardhod Gyaltsen,Tsangyang Gyatso, Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche, Migmar Dhondup, Wangu and Lobsang Jamyang (pen nameLomik) which will be sent to the prisons in Tibet where they are being held.

Thank you for your support.


" It is my belief that whereas the twentieth century has been a century of war and untold suffering, the twenty-first century should be one of peace and dialogue. As the continued advances in information technology make our world a truly global village, I believe there will come a time when war and armed conflict will be considered an outdated and obsolete method of settling differences among nations and communities." H.H. The Dalai Lama