TSG Grampian campaigns for Tibetans' right to determine their own future and preserve their culture, for an end to the violation of their human rights and for a Tibet free from Chinese occupation. It also supports charity projects for needy Tibetans in Tibet and in exile.

Annual Sponsored Walk

24th of September 2017
Gourdon, Johnshaven, Benholm.

£760 raised for good causes between this and the earlier historical walk in Old Aberdeen.

Photos and report on the event here.

2018 Activities

Events page

Take a look at our events page for information on group activities. These include walks, social events, meetings, lectures, meetings with Tibetan activists,  meals, and street collections .


Free Tibet and other action groups

If you are concerned about the situation in Tibet, see our links to national campaigning activities.

Contact Us

in Aberdeen, Scotland

If you might be interested in joining the group or can help in some way, use the email address below or our contact form to reach us. somewhat later in the year to balance the city walk in the Spring.

We meet monthly, in the snug at Ma Cameron's. If you feel you may be interested in helping the Tibetan cause, please come and join us for an informal chat about our work over a cup of coffee. Or, if you would like more information about our local group, please contact our Webmaster at the email address below: