Sponsored Walk 2004

27 June ~ Baudy Meg ~ Glen Tanar.

Group Photo

It has become something of a tradition that each year, the Tibet Support Group organise a sponsored walk. Last year for the 11th Tibet Walk we made Glen Tanar, on South Deeside our venue.

Following a few days of torrential rain and high winds here in eastern Scotland, conditions begain to improve on the Saturday before the walk. The early-morning of Sunday 27 July started a little damp, but (to our relief) soon changed into a glorious Scottish summer's day. Most of us had come prepared for seriously nasty weather, and had to shed pounds of gear at the start-point, in order not to be boiled alive.

The route took us through the picturesque woodlands along Glen Tanar, then up a moderate incline around the south side of Baudy Meg, a rounded, heather-clad hill. At this point some of the party elected to climb directly to the summit, whilst others found a shady clearing in which to lunch.

Lunch over, we completed the circular walk (and at least this time we made the route a clockwise one, in keeping with Tibetan traditions!) - down past the treeline, and returning via the path from the other end of Glen Tanar.

Afterwards, to Aboyne, for tea and ice-cream in The Corner Shop. Thanks to the staff for catering for us so efficently at short notice.

We were pleasantly suprised by the turnout, especially in view of the uncertain weather. 47 walkers joined us this time, which may be an all-time record. In particular we were pleased to welcome some who are not regular members of TSG, but who are aware of our cause, and decided to show their support.


Thanks to all who took the time and effort to come along, and to make it a great day for everyone.


The concept behind the annual Tibet Walk is as a symbolic gesture of support to Tibetans. Its circular route is not unlike that of the circumambulations of holy places performed by Buddhist pilgrims. It also symbolises the walk-to-freedom which in the past has been performed by many Tibetans who found themselves under threat of violence from the P.L.A. troops occupying Tibet. However, our efforts in the rolling Scottish hills, using the best of modern equipment, hardly compare with to those of the incredibly brave and hardy Tibetan walkers, many of whom crossed the snowbound Himalayan passes on the flanks of Everest at altitudes of around 19,000ft. What's more, to avoid raising suspicions of what they intended, many would not purchase boots or equipment, instead making this journey over the roof of the world in trainers, with no waterprooof clothing and only limited supplies. It goes without saying that not all survived. It also speaks volumes of their hardiness that most did reach their goal. Many Tibetans with no other options still attempt "The walk to freedom" although most of the havens for Tibetan refugees are now closed to newcomers, thanks to relentless Chinese pressure on the neighbouring governments.


Tibet Foundation: a charity which runs aid programmes for Tibetans in Tibet and in exile, and provides a forum for Tibetan cultural and religious events in the UK.

Free Tibet Campaign: an organization which stands for Tibetans' right to determine their own future; it campaigns for an end to China's occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected.

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