Sponsored Walk 2007

Clachanben, Glen Dye ~ Sunday 1 July


i Each year we organise a sponsored walk to support aid-projects for Tibetans. The proceeds go to Tibet Foundation, and the Free Tibet Campaign.

2007's  venue was Glen Dye, with a route taking us from the Lodge , to the sunmmit of Clachnaben where whe lunched, then  on to Hill of Endocher, Cairn of Finglenny, and downhill to the Charr Bothy. From here it was walk around south side of the glen, back to the lodge. This time we omitted that start-point flag photo, mainly because of the start-point being rather far from the cars for transporting the flag.
After a glorious Saturday,  the Sunday started out looking decidedly miserable.  Initial impresessions on looking  out of my bedroom window at 7am -and seeing heavy fog- were borne-out by finding the clouds well-down onto the hilltops once in the Banchory area.  By 10:20 not-one else had arrives, and I began to wonder if it was a 'scrub' owing to weather. If so, it would have been the first in the history of the group.  Just ahead of the start-time Dave and Liz appeared, followed by a small contingent of other regular supporters, plus two visiting walkers from the North of England.
With waterproofs on, our small band (the smallest of any walk to-date) set out for Clachnaben.  The combination of heat and all-pervading wetness made this leg none-too-pleasant, and I think we were all glad to get there, do spot of rock-scrambling on the summit, then chow down. Owing to the low cloud (and the safety issues that raised for less-experienced walkers) there was a discussion  of whether to continue or turn back. With good navigational equipment available, and the knowledge that the route included no major cliffs or the like, we decided to continue, but ensuring that the group remained together.
On the downhill leg the weather improved somewhat, making for a much more pleasant  experience. Our birdwatchers were pleased to note the presence of a number of herons perched on the hillsides near to water.

On returning, we were very glad of  a cuppa and scones in the Penny Farthing,  Banchory.

More pictures of the walk here.

Thanks to the Glen Dye Estates who opened a path for us to allow easier access, and to the Penny Farthing staff, who served us right on closing-time, as this one took a little longer to get round than we had anticipated, and thus  we missed our original tea appointment.

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