Sponsored Walk 2012

~ Sunday 1st July ~

Each year we organise a sponsored walk to support aid-projects for Tibetans. The proceeds go to the Tibet Society and Free Tibet. This year we chose a route in Glen Tanar, taking-in sections of the Firmounth and Mounth Roads.

This was the Group's 19th Annual Sponsored Walk which raises funds for related causes. In previous years we have divided the Walk proceeds between humanitatian aid, and the promotion of Tibetan freedom. This year, as we are only allowed to raise money by street collection for registered charities, we decided to allocate the collection money to humanitarian aid organizations, and to donate the Walk proceeds wholly to the principal campaigning groups whose aim is to achieve a fair and just solution for Tibet, with Tibetans determining their own future and having their fundamental human rights respected.
This year our route was in Glen Tanar, not far from a previous walk but taking-in different country. The outward leg was southward along the Firmounth Road through the Forest of Glen Tanar, an ancient right of way across the Mounth Hills towards the Angus Glens. We returned via the Mounth Road after circumnavigating the Strome hill. Most of the route was wooded, but with occasional breaks through which the surrounding hillsides could be viewed.
Weather for the walk started out fine, but occasional showers began not far into the route. Thankfully we had a respite from the showers at the lunch stop, but in the afternoon the rain returned and became progressively heavier until it was a relentless downpour. With full waterproofs on and the camera being kept under cover, few photos were taken after that point. Mud on the paths became an increasing problem, as did water penetrating the clothing of even some of the better-equipped walkers. Traditional advice is that umbrellas are of little use for hillwalking, but in this instance with torrential rain but nil wind, those with a brolly were laughing and dry whilst the rest of us dripped miserably.
On returning, some of us went for tea and cakes at Aboyne. Numbers were reasonable in view of the conditions, and in spite of the weather's attempts to dampen our spirits we nevertheless enjoyed a good-natured banter for the duration of the trip. This time we were joined by a Polish couple who have expressed a wish to join the Tibet Support Group.

More pictures of the walk here

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" The Chinese government wants me to say that for many centuries Tibet has been part of China. Even if I make that statement, many people would just laugh. And my statement will not change past history. History is history." H.H. The Dalai Lama