Walk for Tibet 2016

26 June, Balmoral Estate

The annual sponsored Tibet Walk by Tibet Support Group Grampian this year took place on 26th June on the Balmoral Estate. It involved visiting eight cairns erected by Queen Victoria: six commemorating the marriage of her children; one a memorial to Prince Albert and one commemorating the purchase of the estate. We also visited a cairn erected to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

The sponsorship money and donations will be split 50/50 between Free Tibet and the Tibet Society. Twenty came on the Walk including seven members of TSGG, together with their friends and relatives, and eight members of a mountaineering club who were staying in Crathie for a week.

The Walk ended with an excellent tea at the Glenaden Hotel in Ballater.

It is notable that Deeside suffered some serious floodign last year. The floods in Upper Deeside at the end of December caused a minor route change. The walk should have started by going past the cemetery and over the white suspension bridge. This bridge is now closed because it is unsafe, and structural repairs are required. The route thus started by walking over the main bridge at Crathie, then turning left onto the B796 to Easter Balmoral where we continued with the original route. The distance was about the same. We will met at Crathie car park at 10.30 am and started walking at 10.45 am.

On the walk itself, at several points there were junctions and alternative paths, so we had to ensure that all participants stayed together as a group and take the correct route.

Flood damage in Ballater has also caused the closure of several cafes where we would normally have hoped to have tea afterwards. We therefore  booked into the Glenaden Hotel which is on Church Square, the main square in Ballater. As it turned out, this was agood choice.



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