Walk for Tibet 2017

24th of September 2017, Gourdon

The starting point in Gourdon The annual sponsored Tibet Walk by Tibet Support Group Grampian this year took place on 24th of September 2017
between Gourdon, Johnshaven and Benholm on the east coast of Scotland.

To all of you who donated to our Tibet Walk this year, We are delighted that the total raised by the September Walk was £681. In addition we had a small historical walk round Old Aberdeen in the Spring which raised £79, so our grand total is £760. We have upped this to £800 from our current funds, and sent out the following donations: Tibet Society £350 Free Tibet £350 Students for a Free Tibet UK £100

Thank you all so much for coming on the walk and for your most generous contributions. We really appreciate your support.Liz (Treasurer Tibet Support Group Grampian)

Enroute to Johnshaven and arrival

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Lunch stop at Johnshaven

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Johnshaven to Benholm – including the ‘jungle’ path!

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Benholm Mill, and Gourdon again

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" We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves." H.H. The Dalai Lama