Losar Meal

Tibetan New Year Celebrations

The Losar Meal is a good time for the group to get together -along with invited friends- and discuss their ideas and projects in a more relaxed setting. Anyone is welcome to join us (by invitation, of course)

As a means of spreading the word and getting people thinking about the situation in Tibet, why not organise your own Tibetan-festival meeting of friends?

The New Year according to the Tibetan calendar falls in February or March, the date (by our Gregorian calendar) varying somewhat. Each year, the  group meet to celebrate the this event. A different venue is chosen each time, and (Since there aren't any Tibetan restaurants in Aberdeen) we've done the rounds of  traditional Scottish, Indian, Italian, etc. The only one we haven't done is a Chinese meal, which is perhaps a little unfair to the local Chinese restaurateurs, as many of the Chinese in our area are here precisely because they don't want to live under Communism any more than Tibetans do.

For more information on the Tibetan calendar, see this PDF document.


An exception to this tradition, in 2010,Tibetans decided there would be no such celebrations, as they instead wished to remember the continuing Chinese crackdown on Tibet following last year's protests: over 200 Tibetans, including children were killed, more than 6000 detained, and the whereabouts of about 1000 still remain unknown. In sympathy and support for Tibetans, Tibet Support Group Grampian cancelled their usual celebratory meal, and marked Losar by holding a candlelight vigil in St Nicholas Street, Aberdeen, on Thursday evening 26 February. The vigil was well supported, and nearly 145 people signed a petition.



2011 -The Year of the Iron Rabbit- saw the return of the traditional Losar Meal, this time at Mi Amore, in Huntly Street. This restaurant was recommended by a member of a local social club, and it turned-out to be a good choice. An excellent time was had by all, and £40 was raised for Tibetan charities thanks to the generousness of those contributing to the bill!



" Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day." H.H. The Dalai Lama